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Sweet And Raw Video – Jack, Julian and Marty

Welcome to our amazing website! We are glad that you decided to have a visit and watch some of ours best sweet and raw videos! We thought that you might enjoy a little bit of action around here so that is why today we updated this hot video in which you will have the chance to watch a hot threesome session! Jack, Julian and Marty are gonna have some deep and intense sexual moment and did we mention a lot of fun today! Are you willing to take a peek at what is going to happen right after the cameras are on? All you gotta do is take a seat and watch!!

[hana-flv-player video=’http://sweetandraw.org/trailers/sweet-and-raw-video-jack-blue-julian-tomlinson-and-marty-marshall.flv’ width=’600′ height=’338′ clickurl=’http://sweetandraw.org/members/m/play.php’ autoplay=’false’ loop=’false’ autoload=’false’ splashimage=’http://sweetandraw.org/trailers/sweet-and-raw-video-jack-blue-julian-tomlinson-and-marty-marshall.jpg’ /]
As the video starts we have the chance to watch these two guys in the bedroom kissing each other, rubbing each other’s cocks. Soon after that they begin to blow each other very slow! After lubing that ass the penetration begins and this other guy is going to join them! If you wanna see this hot scene in which these guys are gonna fuck each other’s asses in the very same time all you have to do is to join our community and you will have access to much more hot content! Until then, you are invited to have a look around cause you might find some more amazing stuff to look at! If you’re looking for similar material, check out this great sex in the basement scene and see a hot Czech guy getting fucked for cash!  For similar hardcore gay sex videos, join the http://jockphysical.org/ blog & enjoy!

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Gabriel and Breno

Welcome back! We are thrilled that you enjoyed the last video that we have updated and that you are back for some more sweet and raw stuff! In the following video you will have the chance to watch Gabriel and Breno in action! These two fellas having a relaxing time in the bathroom! They found the perfect timing to have some quiet time together so they filled that tub and stayed there hugging each other! It was the perfect moment that they have waited for a long time! Let’s see what happened after things got pretty heated up!

Even from the beginning you will have the chance of watching these two guys in the bathroom, kissing each other very passionately, soon after that one guy starts to suck very hard the other dude’s dick, he shoves it down his throat! After that the action started and he was fucking that tiny ass hole from behind, spanking this other guy while he was jerking off! Soon after that they switched positions and this dude went on top on this guy’s cock taking it inch by inch! Enjoy this crazy anal sex scene! If you’re looking for similar videos, visit the www.menover30.net site and watch some gorgeous men fucking!

[hana-flv-player video=’http://sweetandraw.org/trailers/sweet-and-raw-video-gabriel-and-breno.flv’ width=’600′ height=’338′ clickurl=’http://sweetandraw.org/members/m/play.php’ autoplay=’false’ loop=’false’ autoload=’false’ splashimage=’http://sweetandraw.org/trailers/sweet-and-raw-video-gabriel-and-breno.jpg’ /]

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Swen Larson and Adrian Smallwood

Hi there! Did you enjoyed our previous updates? In this amazing update you will have the chance to watch these two twinks sucking each other like crazy! They are Swen and Adrian and they decided to take some time off from all that hard work and to enjoy each other’s body! They are crazy about sucking big cocks, just like the guys from the eastboys website. All they wanted was to spend a little bit more time with each other and now they had the chance! Let’s see what these two hot studs had in mind when asking for that day off!

It was Friday morning and they were smiling to each other cause they knew that they were going to have some fun! As soon as they had breakfast they headed to the living room where they sat in a very hot 69 position and began to eat each other’s cock! They took it really slow and while they had those hard cocks into their mouths they also were fingering each other! Soon after that a wild fucking session has just began! If you wanna see two Raging Stallion cumming, all you gotta do is watch this entire scene! Enjoy!


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Strangers Meat

Hello there! How about a new and refreshing sweetandraw time? It’s been a while since the last time you’ve been around, but don’t worry you will have enough time to catch up! Today you will have the chance to watch these two twinks in action! It was the first time when this guy over here that was standing on the bench in the park accepted to have a quickie with this stranger! When he saw that extra large cock he couldn’t help it, cause he was as him pretty fired up so he wanted something more! Let’s see what happened back there!

It was quiet day and this tattooed guy was all by himself in the park enjoying that quiet evening up until this other guy came and wanted to pick this guy up! In the end he let him slide his monster cock in slowly and after stretching that hole a little bit, the rough sex session has just began! Have you got enough time to check out this entire sex scene? Don’t miss it or else you will regret it, cause you have never seen anything like it before! Have a look around and you might also find some other hot stuff! Enjoy also Gabriel and Breno fucking each other in the same position, or check out the www.coltstudiogroup.org site and see other horny gay guys fucking each other! Have fun!


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Pasha and Yasha

Hi there! Isn’t it time for you to watch our newest sweet and raw stuff? If you are sick of all those hard sex session, have a seat cause today we have brought something else! Today you will have the chance to watch an erotic sex session with Pasha and Yasha! It seems like also their names are just like them, the destiny made them meet each other and now they felt pretty fired up and they wanted something more then sex! Let’s see what they wanna do next, cause they really seem a little bit fired up of all that sexual tension!

It’s been a while since they had time for themselves so today they knew that they were gonna have some nice and quality time for them! As soon as they finished all their chores they headed to their bedroom and started to kiss and touch each other! It was just the beginning cause soon after that they started to finger their tiny ass holes and after that this guy shoved his massive cock in and out while he was kissing this other guy! If you wanna see some sensual sex with these two guys just watch this entire anal scene!If you wanna see some cute gay guys fucking each other’s ass senseless, check out the http://nextdoorbuddies.org/ website!


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Maxim and Mischa

Hei guys! How have you been? If you think that you have seen it all you just have to watch these two twink fellas! They are Maxim and Mischa and today they are going to impress us with their unusual positions in which they like to please each other! It seems like today they chose to unleash that sexual tension that has been there for a while and fuck each other like crazy! Are you eager to take a peak? Let’s not waste any more time and watch these two in action!

These two twinks are together about 5 months! They met more than a year ago and since then they like to talk to each other all the time! They like to keep in touch with everything that the other guy does so they are always connected to each other! Today they are going to have an extreme 69 session in which they are going to shove those large cocks down their throats! If you wanna see what followed next all you gotta do is watch this entire scene! Also you can visit the http://menatplay.us/ website and watch some handsome gay guys sucking and fucking!


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Sweet And Raw – Carl Baxter

Good morning dudes! How do you like to be wake up early in the morning? It seems like Carl’s boyfriend knows how to make this guy have a very wonderful day even from the start, cause he like pleasing guys early in the morning! First of all he invites him to have a seat and have his coffee and soon after he begins and sucks that large cock until it’s hard enough for something more! Would you like to be in his place? Just imagine all that deep and intense pleasure! Let’s see some more hot stuff that they like to do in the morning!

A few months ago these two guys were neighbors and now they have moved in together! They wanted to make special their relationship so they like to keep their sexual relationship active! After all that hard sucking it was time that this other dude shove his massive cock into his wet and tight ass hole! They really enjoy the most to jerk off while this other guy is sliding his cock in and out continuously, it’s just the way that they like to do things done! How about seeing more from where this came from? All you have to do is to join our community and you will have access to a lot more amazing stuff! Also you might enter the raging stallion site and see other hot gay guys fucking!


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Sascha and Levi

Welcome guys! We were waiting for you! It’s been a while since you visited us the last time and now we were waiting for you to come back to enjoy some new and exciting updates! For today we have prepared this hot session with these two twinks! They are Sascha and Levi and they are together about a year! They decided the other day to show us how they like to please each other! So, let’s no waste any more time and have a look at these two hot guys in action!

It was a sunny day of Autumn when they met each other and now after all this time they still do keep the sexual tension between them on leash! Today they came back from work and they took turns in pleasing each other! First of all orally and soon after that after all that rimming they slided their hard cocks in and out until they managed to cum! Don’t miss this amazing update cause you will surely regret! Join us and you will also have access to much more hot content! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, join the http://alainlamas.org/ blog and see a muscled gay guy getting naked and masturbating on the video camera!


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Men With A Curved Cock

Welcome guys! How about some new sweetandraw stuff! We are so glad to have you back in such a short notice and we thought that you might enjoy a little bit of threesome fun! In the following scene you will have the chance to watch how a twink is gonna be pleased by two other buddies! While one is taking his curved cock into his mouth and it is sucking it pretty good the other one was licking that tiny ass hole right before getting some fingering! Let’s see how these three ended up having outdoor sex!

It was a hot day of summer and after all that work they thought that they should have a walk around the park! They were searching for a spot where they could relax and have some action and they found it right away! As soon as no one was around these three guys took turns in pleasing each other how they could better! So after all that oral action they began to shove their tools into those tight asses until they came and filled them! Just watch this entire sex scene! Also you can enter the http://boycrush.net/ site and watch some cute gay twinks sucking cocks!


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Sweet And Raw – Ilya, Maksim and Dushko

Hi there guys? Did you have enough time to watch and enjoy our latest updates? We told you that we are gonna be back and here we are with some sweet and raw stuff! We know that you like to have a look around so in the following update you will have the chance to see a twink threesome as Ilya, Maksim and Dushko knew each other for a very long time and it is their first meeting live as before they were talking on Messenger! How about having a look at what these three had in mind?

It was a very cold morning of winter when these three fellas arrived in the train station and they met each other! They had quite a ride with the train and now they were gonna relax and know each other better so they went to the nearest hotel room and asked for an apartment! Soon after having a glass of red wine  they took their clothes of and started to blow each other very slow! It was part of the prelude and soon after they were going to lick each other’s asses just to make those long dicks slide in better! They were gonna please each other in their own way, cause they were all gonna take one cock into the mouth and another into the ass up until these two guys were going to cum and fill them! If you’re looking for similar material, you can watch this great Breed It Raw video. Have fun!


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